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 Tandem paragliding

With no prior experience required, anyone, from 5 to 80+ years old, can comfortably experience flying with Verbier Paragliding in the amazing landscapes of Val de Bagnes.  

With many years of solid, world class experience in a number of paragliding disciplines, our pilots have thousands of tandem flights to their credit. Your pilot will guide you through a gentle take off on a grassy (or snowy) slope before ensuring that you are comfortably seated in the air to enjoy the breath-taking mountainous views.  

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The "Discovery" flight (all year round):


The flight will take about 15-20 minutes, depending on the weather conditions. 

You will have the opportunity to discover paragliding by hovering the sky above Verbier with the 1300m in height difference between the take off and the landing. Once you are comfortably seated in front of your pilot, if weather conditions allow and you are up for it, he/she will give you the opportunity to take control of the glider and guide you through the basics of flying.  

The whole adventure will last for approximately 1h15, from the time of the appointment until the moment when you leave with a mind filled with unforgettable memories. 


- PRICE: CHF 160.00 (+ CHF 40.00 if you decide to purchase the photos and videos) 

The"Double Airtime" (In spring and summer depending on weather conditions): 

You will spend between 30 and 40 minutes in the air and discover what a thermal flight is. Depending on the weather conditions of the day, your pilot will gain high altitudes to make you visit the region through unique perspectives. You will also have the opportunity to take control of the paraglider yourself, while your pilot guides you through the experience, if the conditions in the air allow.  

The adventure will last for approximately 1h40, starting from the moment that we meet until the moment when we land and say goodbye (but hopefully not for long!). 


- PRICE: CHF 260.00  (+ CHF 40.00 if you chose to purchase the photos and videos of the flight

The "Speed Riding" tandem (winter only):   

The "speed riding" experience in tandem is for advanced skiers only, who are in the search for some additional thrills. The flight lasts only a few minutes but in a speed that reaches above 100 km/h. So, this adventure is very unique and intense. We will take off from the Attelas (2650m) and land at Carrefour (1775m). 


The experience will last for about 45 minutes from the time of the appointment until you leave us with your body still full of adrenaline. 


- PRICE: CHF 150.00 (+ CHF 40.00 if you chose to purchase the video of the flight

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Do you want to live a great adventure or learn how to fly on your own? 

Verbier Paragliding olso offers, throughout the year, trainings to become a paragliding pilot, tandem paragliding flights for all ages and with no prior experience required, Speed Riding tandems for those who looking for some epic thrills ( Speed Riding only in the winter and only for good skiers). 


At Verbier Paragliding, we also do expert services in paragliding, such as supervision of television productions involving air sports performances. Additionally, we create photographic and video content from the air:  thanks to the professionalism and experience of our partner Fabian Equey Photography. 


Contact us here for more information. 



SATU is our driver and marketing director. Over time, she has become a professional paragliding passenger and a big fan of "hike and fly" tandems in the Swiss mountains. She will answer the phone from time to time and speaks four languages including French and English.   

FABIAN is the founder of Verbier Paragliding a well-rounded paragliding tandem pilot and FSVL official instructor. He has done more than 7000 flights over the past 20 years and is a licensed tandem pilot since 2009. After competiting in "Acrobatics" around the world, he became International juge for paragliding world cup and "Swiss Acro League" coach.

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